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About us

Staying at Furnas Lake Villas is like coming back to the roots, to our origins… But in a modern and up to date  present context.

Furnas Lake Villas was tailored to make everyone feel comfortable, cozy, relaxed but yet energetic!

We believe that the real luxury is in the little things and in their quality.

It’s a Family affair

From us to you

Furnas Lake Villas is our family's project. It is more than a hotel, it's our live style.

The property surrounding Furnas Lake Villas belongs to our family for generations. At the 16 years old, Manuel began to create dairy cattle, initially with his parents and siblings, later by himself.

Helena has always cultivated a taste for gardening, botany, beekeeping, and everything Nature. As well as art, gastronomy, and architecture.

The years passed, from dairy cattle to beef cattle, from beef cattle to forest, we traveled, created an active tourism company, and two daughters were born. But one thing never changed - grew bigger - our love for Nature, design, and farming.

We wanted to create something sustainable, and more importantly, we wanted it not to be something that was taken by the land, but instead to keep it and help to protect and preserve the environment and ecosystems to which we belong and love.

For that reason, we combined everything we liked and Furnas Lake Villas was born!

Our mission is to give everyone a sensory experience, from the sights, the smells, the garden texture, to the palate of flavors from our farm.

In these past 14 years, we welcomed people from such different corners of the world, which undoubtedly left their mark. Inspired us to continue to share with the world the very best of what Furnas Lake Villas has to offer.

We hope you also take a bit Furnas Lake with you!

Manuel, Helena, Maria, and Mariana

Founder & CEO


The Front Office & PR Daughter


The Marketing & PR Daugther


Founder & CEO


Friends & Company

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